Train Time Table


Train Time Table

The use of train time table is to check all train details comparatively before choosing desired train prior to booking a ticket. You can immediately locate the quickest route, train, and length of a train for a hassle-free trip. It also provide details whether a specific train is operational or not on required date / weekday.

This type of train time table serves the train information in a tabular format which is also very convenient to ticket bookers and agencies.

How to check Train Time Table

Checking through
From this website you can get the time table of any train, provided you know the train name or number. Just enter the train name or 5 digit number in this page above and click 'Submit' button. You can get the details like no. of stoppages, station name, day of running, scheduled arrival and scheduled departure, halt duration and travel distance.

Go to Railway Station
The second available option is to visit nearby railway station. There you can get details of all the trains passing from that particular station on a billboard there.