Train Running Status


Train Running Status

Sometime trains are delayed which affects our journey plans in many ways. Prior to booking train ticket, we can know whether that particular train running status is on time or not.

Apart from this, you can also know Current Train Running Status including its actual time of departure and arrival at each station. This is useful for someone who is waiting for your arrival especially on railway station.

How to check Train Running Status

Checking through
Just enter the train name or its 5 digit unique number in above text box on this page, select the train start date and then click 'Submit' button. It will show the detailed running status for whole journey.

The most important aspect of train running status is that it provide you complete detail about it that includes schedule and actual departure time, arrival and actual arrival time, delay time, halt time, station name, platform number, distance and train status.

Calling Customer Care
Another way is calling customer care of Indian Railway which get connected with customer service staff after right options selected trough IVRS. They are ready to answer your queries related to train running status also.

Go to Railway Station
The last option is to visit nearby railway station. There you will get there details of all the delayed train of that particular station on a billboard.